Who am I?

Ideally, my “About Me” page should have led to my currently non-existent Wikipedia article and a cover-page article about me in the Time magazine. But sadly, life isn’t fair 😦

So here I am, boring anyone who visits this blog with my rants, musings, internet finds and ‘n’ other different things I like writing about.

For those who were actually expecting something about me-

I am a complicated individual with complex ideas about simple things- by Einstein’s definition, I am nothing more than an intellligent fool [ Look Here]. I can be very opinionated, without being at all judgmental, until you give a good counter-argument and prove me wrong- then I will still be opinionated, without being at all judgmental, but now in the opposite direction.
I delight in laziness and procrastination, and have no interest in any kind of physical activity whatsoever. I love the good things in life- good art, good music, good movies, good food, obviously good books- and my favourite activities include those good things in some way or the other.
I am an introvert but I love a good discussion. I love having interesting sensible logical conversations about science, art, philosophy, politics and the like. But I dislike it when the discussion becomes personal and moves away from being objective- it’s more than irritating if I have to participate in something which is progressing slowly and steadily towards an ending comprising of both sides concluding their arguments with “Screw you!”. Also, small talk really bores me- I am not interested in your week, and neither, I am sure, are you in mine- unless of course, something actually happened that was out of the ordinary.

In this blog you will find stuff I think about, mostly they are products of one wild burst of inspiration that manages to get me to sit up and at my keyboard. Comments and discussions are more than welcome, again, as long as they are objective and logical. Happy reading! 🙂

-Regards, Avradeep Bhowmik